Dewuta Presenter is the ultimate sales tool; bringing all your resources together into one personalized app for a flawless sales presentation every time.

Designed for Sales Reps.


Papers and piles are a thing of the past; with your app, every  resource you need for a perfect presentation is at your fingertip.




Be ready any time, anywhere with everything you need to deliver a perfect presentation, no internet necessary.


Presentation and Exploration.


Our easy to use and fun interface allows for a fluid presentation, or for your customer to enjoy learning and exploring on their own.

Fully Customized for You.


Showcase everything that is important to you with a  completely personalized app presenting your company and brand.



Customized for You


Completely customizable and built just for you, your presentation app will be designed to meet your needs perfectly. We compile all of your resources into one tidy, organized app that works for you, and your customer. Share your company’s story and vision with your own branding, photos, customer reviews, and video testimonials. Feature all your products, services, samples, certifications, licenses, and installation processes.

Presentation and exploration


Dewuta Presenter revolutionizes the way you interact with your customers. Worlds away from the traditional pitch book, Inception is an intuitive, interactive experience that can be both a powerful presentation tool, or in the hands of the customer, a fun and engaging exploration. Our easy to navigate interface allows customers to find just what they are interested in, browsing and learning at their own discretion.

Designed for salespeople


Dewuta Presenter makes it simple and fun to connect with your customer by providing  an organized, smooth, and confident presentation every time. Without piles of papers and samples, your salespeople can quickly and easily navigate to exactly what the customer wants, seamlessly jumping from subject to subject as needed.

Access anywhere


Converting to a digital pitch book doesn’t mean you have to rely on an internet connection to access your most valuable sales tool. Your sales force can present your customer with every aspect of your personal app anytime, anywhere, no internet connection necessary.

New platform, new capabilities


Not only does Dewuta Presenter neatly compile your entire traditional pitch book, it also makes possible aspects of presentation never available before. The tablet computer platform is perfect for viewing any media content you need, from installation videos to testimonial videos, as well as links to PDFs and extra resources.

Always up to date


Be assured that your entire sales force will be equipped with the most up to date information. Any changes you need to make to your presentation will quickly update on all your devices, so your team stays connected and informed, even while out of the office.

Competitive edge


Propel your company into the future by taking advantage of what technology has to offer. With Dewuta Presenter, you are able to easily and impressively distinguish your company from the competition, and give your customers the information they need to put their confidence in you.


Coordinate and professionalize every aspect of your business, maximizing your company's impact and generating more sales.

Advantages for



With Dewuta Presenter, your company will stand out from the crowd. Your company’s brand and message will be beautifully portrayed in a modern presentation that will distinguish your company from any other. Dewuta Presenter allows companies to efficiently keep sales teams up to date with all the information and materials they need. Any changes to your products or services can be quickly applied to all your devices. Our team is always available to help with anything you need, so you'll be sure to get the most out of your app.





Advantages for the

Sales Force


Dewuta Presenter allows your sales force to engage customers in an organized, clear and concise way, making presentations more comfortable and fun. Freed from piles of papers and samples, salespeople can present customers with whatever information they need, in any order, quickly and seamlessly. Representatives can even leave their customers alone to explore the app while they measure or assess work needed around the home.


Advantages for



Dewuta Presenter not only provides a compelling presentation experience, but it allows customers to engage with the sales experience in a completely unique way. With the app’s intuitive and fun navigation system, customers can tap and swipe their way through the app to whatever interests them. Slider and tab menus make it quick and easy for customers to flip between any style or color of products to better visualize their choices.


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