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by professional contractors.



After 20 years in the contracting industry, we knew it was time for a change. Everywhere you look technology is advancing people's daily lives and workspaces, and it is time to put it to work in our industry too. Our custom software solutions are born of a desire to perfect the sales process, making it a smoother and more enjoyable process for everyone involved. Integrating our sales process with the sleek, interactive, limitless platform of a tablet computer was the perfect solution.


Once we decided to bring tablet computers into our workspace, we knew the first thing that needed to change was the old pitch book. There is nothing fresh and fun about a binder of papers or a stale linear slide show, but with the tablet we could develop an elegant and flexible treasure trove of information. Our digital pitch book was originally built just for our company, Certitude Home Improvements, but once we experienced its value, we knew we had to bring it to the rest of the industry. Today we call it Dewuta Presenter.


From there, the next two problems we needed to solve were giving detailed and accurate estimates for our customers; and getting contracts signed quickly and easily.  So we made ourselves software solutions for those as well; Dewuta Estimator and Dewuta Documents.  With these two advantages added, the whole sales process became a much more productive experience, making for many more sales and very satisfied customers.


We want to bring the amazing advantages of these custom tools to all of the contracting industry because we know they work!







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